Why T.I.C.?

Why not Creatives Over Easy, No Cubicles for Me or Runs with X-acto?

They just didn’t quite capture the essence of what we envisioned.

Armed with several bottles of Malbec and a large pizza from Mary Angela’s, we got to work. After several hours and forty ideas we sighed and poured another glass of wine.

41. The Independent Creative

Circled and starred we made our choice. T.I.C. for short. The Independent Creative was officially born. We listed out venue ideas, topics, people and time frames. In a few weeks meetings and discussions began, Facebook page created and an identity underway. A forum for people who want to start or already own their own business regardless of the medium. The lives and internal workings of a creative holds a unique place among the spectrum of entrepreneurs, innovators and provocateurs. Regardless of the chosen execution our needs, desires and goals share a common purpose. The Independent Creative seeks to provide a supportive, collaborative network of creative individuals in the Richmond area.

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Kim Spencer is a designer, artist and college professor. She currently serves as vice president on the board of AIGA Richmond and previously served as chapter president and new media coordinator. Kim is the founder and resident creative of Protozoa Design. Kim's background originates in fine arts earning a BFA in Crafts from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1997. In 1999, she returned and earned a second BFA in Communication Design. In addition, Kim holds a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Richmond. Kim spent the last seven years with an in-house team in higher education but as the work became more repetitious and considerably less creative she decided to strike out on her own. With over a year in planning, Protozoa Design opened its doors in January 2011. The creativity has over flowed into identity, print collateral and exhibition design. Now coming full circle, she’s found her way back to furniture design. Kim also teaches in the respective graphic design departments at Virginia State University and Virginia Commonwealth University. She resides in The Fan with her husband, son, four cats and extensive Star Wars Lego collection.

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